3 Tricks To Improve Your Performance on Simcity Buildit


The best way to improve your skills in any area is to take benefit from the experience of other players. That’s exactly what we did to give the best advices on Simcity Buildit. Here are some tips that’ll certainly help you to perform better.

Keep in mind that it’s a simulation game based on real life aspects, which means that you should take actions according to real life perspectives.

Population growth

Human resources are the core of any organization. Providing good conditions for your population will help in the process of growing which can only be beneficial for your city. Your city’s population is the workforce that’ll drive your economy. You need to combine between the good optimization of these resources and the satisfaction of their needs.

Many people evaluate the success on Simcity Buildit based on your population. The more people you have within your city, the more resources you’ll be able to get and the easier it’ll be to move up in levels.

More people means collecting more taxes, which will help in improving your Simoleons balance. As stated in the game, happy sims will pay more taxes. So make sure to give your citizens the interest they deserve.

Assets before decorations

When you are just starting in game, you have to put in your mind the priorities in resources that’ll help you to prosper. Yes, it’s great to have a good looking city with great customizations and decorations. However, in the long term you may need to sell items at half prices. Style is a matter of mood, you’ll periodically feel a need to change the design of your city, which can cost you a lot.

It’s better to focus on the economical dimension of the game, it’ll be in your best interest in the long term. Plus, having the financial resources to fund high quality decorations that complement your style is always better than purchasing cheap decorations.

Collect your daily bonuses

This advice is about dedication and devotion toward the game, if you really want to build something consistent you have to put daily work into it. Simcity Buildit offers daily quests and bonuses that you can get simply by logging into your account daily for few minutes.

These are simple tasks that you can easily complete and receive your reward instantly. The outcome of these operations may seem without a real impact on your performance on the short term. But in the long term, you’ll have gathered a lot of resources and experience through it.